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We are a tax friendly destination for professional poker players in the online and live circuit. Located in the Caribbean, the island of Curacao offers the best possible mix of climate, luxury, hospitality and gambling legislation. With its central location our clients have easy access to North America, South America and Europe. We pride ourselves in being a company that understands the specific needs of our clients and go to great lengths to ensure every aspect of their lives is taken care of.

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Our Services

By becoming a PokerHaven member and relocating to Curacao we achieve less than 3.5% in local taxes for all our non-US members. For all our US members we make an individual assessment that can reduce taxes up to 20%.


  • Personal intake and financial assessment
  • Acquiring your residency and work permits
  • Setting you up with trusted realtors
  • Assistance with specific needs
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly administrative services
  • Personal check-out and guidance home
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